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A friend of mine called me up a few days ago, and told me that he was having some problems with an anti-virus software he recently purchased. Being a bit of a computer geek, it is a part time hobby of mine to tinker around with computers, so I told him to bring it in for me to take a look.

When he brought his computer in, the first thing we noticed was it took forever to boot up, and was sometimes quite lagging even with no main programs running in the system. My friend told me that it had been getting worse ever since he purchased and bought the anti-virus solution, which claimed it would instantly improve the speed of his computer, but seemed to be doing the exact opposite.

I checked the background processes running in my friend’s PC and we actually found out many ‘ghost’ processes running, believed to be caused by the software. In addition, pop-ups kept coming out, exhorting us to buy/upgrade our product, wasting precious system resources in the process. I then tried to uninstall the software and this ending up freezing the PC altogether.

After a few hours of hard work and trouble shooting, I managed to remove almost all traces of this rogue software of my friend’s PC, and restored it back to it’s original state (more or less). I also advised him against reinstalling the MyCleanPC program, and instead suggested a few other certified, better known antivirus solutions such as Regcure, as these “real” contenders in the security software industry all have their products independently certified for product compliance and performance by an accredited 3rd party company known as ICSA Labs. is nowhere to be found on this compliance list, and is highly unlikely that it will be as effective as the big name brands mentioned above. Besides that, the big name brands also generally have a trial period where they allow users to try and rate their products absolutely free for a certain amount of time, with no commitment. They also have endorsements and support for other large organizations that use their products and find them useful. has none of these perks, and try to coerce users into buying their software before any repairs or fixes can be made; and also seem to be targeting single unwary consumers who are too lazy or unsavvy to do a quick background check on the company and its’ products. Conclusion, this product should be avoided strongly at all costs. There are many better alternatives out there which cost less or are even outright free.